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About Enviro-ResourcesTC

Enviro-ResourcesTC is a US based entity whose mission is to deliver environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for waste disposal and water conservation. To accomplish this, we have developed partnerships with acknowledged world leaders in these fields, all of whom have established enviable inter-national track records in the design and implementation of projects and, in no small measure, have played a significant role in the creation of the renewable energy industry.

Enviro-ResourcesTC Inc has targeted a shortlist of critical global challenges, namely the disposal of:

  • municipal solid waste (MSW) sewage sludge
  • medical/hazardous waste (including tires).

Customized per project, our equipment specifications meet and exceed both European Waste Industry Directives (WID) and US guidelines, offering myriad advantages over competitive systems.

In 2008, with our technology partner Organics, we were the first company in the world to deploy a commercially viable modular and scalable Pyrolysis unit for waste disposal. In terms of pollution it is by far the best option. In terms of cost, it is considerably less expensive than incineration units. More-over, the build time for our plants is months instead of years, which saves money and allows us to start implementation quickly.