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Prevent Persistent Plastic: Get Fired Up About Pyrolysis!

Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass to Biofuels via Pyrolysis

This video does a good job of explaining Pyrolysis, in this case, Thermochemical. Pyrolysis is a viable solution to preventing  persistent plastic. Instead of increasing waste in landfills or having plastic end up in our oceans, the end product is high-quality biofuel.

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Dow $50K Grants: Convert Plastics to Valuable Energy Resources

A recent article in Packaging World, a website that talks about packaging news, trends & innovations, mentions how Dow Chemicals, in partnership with Keep America Beautiful, is planning to award two $50,000 grants (open to municipalities, non-profits, materials recovery facilities, and other qualifying organizations)  to establish  Hefty® Energy Bag™ programs. The goal:  keep non-recycled sandwich and snack bags, juice pouches, and other flexible packaging from landfills.

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From the Plastic Oceans: Watch This Film!