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Watch This Tedx Talk – Changing Plastic Into Currency

TEDx Talks  Published on Apr 4, 2017
Shaun Frankson tells listeners how to develop a 5-minute habit of making more responsible purchases to change the way corporations operate. He has motivated millions to ask corporations to use Social Plastic® to help alleviate global poverty and ocean plastic pollution.

The Ocean Cleanup: Pacific Cleanup to Start in 2018

The Ocean Cleanup is set to begin cleanup of the Pacific Ocean in 2018 thanks to the $21.7 million in donations recently raised, bringing total funding since 2013 to $31.5 million. The video shown here is from the Next Phase Event where the announcement was made on May 11, 2017.
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The Downside To Low Oil Prices

Graph of Crude oil price March 21 2017
Is There A Downside To Low Oil Prices?

Four years ago, a barrel of crude oil cost over $100. Today’s closing price was $48.04.While the lower price at the pumps seems great to consumers, lower crude oil prices result in an environmental cost: More plastic is produced and less in recycled because manufacturers can buy new plastic for less than the cost of recycled products. This has a big impact on the recycling industry. Read More →