Smallest 3D printed lattice structure in the world!

making-the-worlds-smallest-ultra-strength-3d-printed-lattice-structureYou will not believe your eyes when you realize just how small the world’s smallest 3D printed lattice structure is! We came across a post on 3ders.org and thought it would be of interest as it uses the pyrolysis process as the method of shrinking the lattice structure to its record size. Scientists reported that “The pyrolysis process not only shrank the lattice, it also effectively transformed the polymeric structures into glassy carbon, a high strength, low density material, outmatched only by diamond for its strength-to-density ratio. After pyrolysis, the scientists found that the 3D printed lattices were ultra-strong, with impressive strengths of up to 1GPa with a density significantly lower than the density of water, which is 1,000kg/m³.”

Check out the post on 3ders.org or look for the full report “Approaching theoretical strength in glassy carbon nanolattices” published February 2016 in Nature Materials .