Waste-to-energy Pyrolysis Trial at Tribal Transfer Station

A thermal distillation (pyrolysis) machine ran a two-week demonstration of pyrolysis (thermal distillation) converting recyclable materials such as glass, tires and other waste into the synthesis gas known as Pyrogas.  Three grants of over $750,000 by the Department of Energy and Mineral Development have been awarded to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to study feasibility of using the process.

“The first grant was a waste characterization study which looked at what our waste stream was here in Cherokee.  It also looked at our tipping fees, our hauling bill, and it also looked at other parts around us.  Who actually has plastics around us that we could go get?  A lot of people are taking their wastes to Georgia.  So, the expansion capabilities if we get this technology and decide it is feasible for us, we can actually expand into western North Carolina and get other people’s municipal solid waste to produce this and help the environment overall.”

The second part of the grant, the two-week demonstration, will be followed up with the third portion of the grant which will go toward a  prolonged demonstration and allow experimentation with different feed stocks and municipal solid wastes.

“It is the future of waste disposal and energy production according to the Tribe’s energy program coordinator.”

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